Katz Prize - Call for Submissions 2023 (5783) 


The Katz Foundation and the Katz Prize Committee hereby issues this call inviting submissions for the Katz Prize, founded by Mordechai David Katz z”l and Adina Katz for the year 2023 (5783).

The prize awarded to among institutions and individuals who by their activities, writings or research, have made a significant contribution to applying Jewish law in modern life. 

Four prizes of $25,000 each will be awarded this year.The Katz Prize Committee headed by - Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson Rabbi Shlomo Dichovsky and Rabbi Chaim Sabato. Submissions should be forwarded to: info@katzprize.org from 21 Shvat 5783 - 11 Nisan 5783, Febuary 12, 2023 - April 2, 2023. The following details must be submitted with each referral: Institutions: the name of the institution, its head and the year of its establishment.Individuals: name of the applicant. Include any activity and projects, list of references and additional documentation which testifies to the institution or individual’s activities and contributions to the field.



קרן כץ



Katz Foundation

Marcos and Adina Katz

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